April 9, 2013

My son, my brother, and I took a walk at a marsh this past Saturday to see what ducks were migrating through. The spring waterfowl migration is an event I try to view a couple of times every spring, as most of the male ducks are getting their breeding plumage going, and there seems to be more of a variety of species coming through in the spring than during the fall hunting season.

My walking companions were taken aback a little bit by the variety : bluebills, ringnecks, northern shovelers, pintails, mallards, blue-wing teals, wood ducks…it was a wonderful walk. My photos turned out terrible, so sorry there aren’t any of the waterfowl.


I’ve been reading The Christian World of The Hobbit by Devin Brown, and in it I find a section that I can really relate to – Tolkien’s Antidote To Greed : Sacramental Ordinary.

It’s just a section explaining how J.R.R. Tolkien found the extraordinary in the ordinary, a path I have been on for some time and try to express to those around me. A small excerpt I like :

Growing grass, fluttering leaves, flowing water, singing, green meadows, favorite trees, familiar hills – these ordinary things, Tolkien suggests, have something extraordinary about them.

I feel the same way.

chicken eggs

We have had two days since my last letter that we have gathered three eggs a day instead of two. Slowly ramping up! The hens are just coming of age, really, so I’m not expecting eight a day yet.

Take care –


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