April 1, 2013

Spring seems to be coming on strong here in my part of the world. The lawns are chock full of robins and killdeer are peeping in the waterways. Haven’t heard a sound out of the spring peepers or chorus frogs yet. The ground is still freezing at night, giving me brief relief while doing the morning chores outside.

the creek

I decided I needed to hit the hills and see how spring is progressing away from town. There is still plenty of snow on the ground of the north facing hills. The melt off has been nice and slow compared to the last few years, just giving the creek a touch of dingy-ness. My mood took a real good jump for the better when I unknowingly happened upon a hen wood duck, sending her squealing downstream. It’s nice to know they are back and now I’m wondering how the spring waterfowl migration is coming along.

The Department of Natural Resources were supposed to start stocking the stream I visited today with catchable rainbow trout, but they didn’t make it as the roads are too mushy for their stock trucks. That was perfectly fine with me, though – I had the stream and it’s population of wild brown trout all to myself, and was even able to bring one to hand. Had a few chasers, too, but just the one hookup.

brown trout

I had planned to get a project or two done this weekend, but with everything that was going on, nothing much got done. Better luck next weekend, I guess. I did put down a thin layer of straw for the chickens to walk on around their enclosure, which they really seem to enjoy. Now and then we’ll look out there and see a group of three or four of them laying huddled together in the sun. I haven’t been able to catch a photo of them all together because the second I open the back door they get up and run to the fence wondering if I have a treat for them.

the chickens

Still only getting one egg a day and am waiting for my daughter to get herself set-up so she can take two of the hens. But I think I am going to start getting more eggs, because all three nest boxes have been having indentations from a setting hen in them, which happened a few times before our first egg. Fingers crossed. Thinking about giving away another one or two of the hens, also. Four sounds like a comfortable number.

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