March 27, 2013

It sure has been refreshing doing the chores outside under skies that are finally looking like spring skies, with the fresher vivid blue and pillowy clouds here and there. The male sparrows are chasing down the females, though now and then a female will instigate trouble. A male cardinal has been using the taller maple and basswood trees in my backyard to call out to any prospective mates. Through that music and the racket the blue jays are making chickadees can sometimes be heard with their “reeetin”, talking amongst themselves. On the drives into work, farmsteads that still let their birds have run of the countryside have their chickens, ducks and guineas taking in the weather by grazing through the water-filled ditches with their slowly greening grass. Spring seems to be slowly creeping in.


As much as I appreciate the change into spring, I have to say that after all these years, I am getting tired of mud. It seemed it wouldn’t be so bad this year, but we got a lot of snow late, and it’s taking it’s time melting. The dogs and the chickens are excellent at moving along the mud making processes.

The dogs playing in the snow

We’re starting to eat our homegrown eggs now, and that is a good feeling, though my son said this morning that one of the hens laid an egg outside under the coop and they were all pecking at it and broke it. I’ll have to look into that problem and come up with a prevention plan, along with rethinking where the run is located. Seems runoff from the neighbor’s yard is running right down to the chickens, dammit. A new rabbit hutch needs built and the old one burned up – that will get me out to buy a buck to go with the one doe I have left.

Spring…Lots to do.

the chickens

Take care –


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