March 24, 2013

It is time for a change. It’s kinda funny how this feeling is running right alongside with the approaching spring, but with the new arrivals from the south – the robins, grackles, and red-wing blackbirds ( who really gave me a surprise yesterday) – change is bound to happen one way or another to the fabric of my being. Change is all I seem to constantly notice.

English house sparrow

There’s good excuse for my need to make constant changes. The kids have turned into teenagers (one has left the nest already) and will be leaving the house very soon. My wife’s rhuematory arthritis is crippling her up pretty good, so my need to hang around the house a lot more is dramatically increasing. It seems I’ve been preparing for this change for awhile, as we’re raising laying hens now and I knew all along that Rhonda wasn’t going to be able to participate much in caring for them. Same with the rabbits I’ll be starting up this spring. And the gardens.

English house sparrow

My move from a constant wanderer of the hills is happening right before my eyes before I wanted, or anticipated.  Hmm. Something different and new. Sort of like traveling. This shouldn’t be so bad and I’m pretty good at making the best of things, finding the brighter side.

I’ll write again soon. Take care –


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